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Check out a useful MOOC cheat sheet

There are all sorts of nice infographics about MOOCs on this helpful page as well as surprising stats, even more acronyms.
Go check it out now and learn about free online classes!

Optimistic MOOC NYT Article during the Experimental Era of 2012

This NYT Article from 2012 optimistically reports on the upcoming MOOC and hints at the automation improvements to come.

MOOCs: Early Article pre-MOOC Madness

Here is an early article about MOOCs penned back in mid 2011 by Audrey Watters, giving some of the flavor of the early days of the MOOC.
Of course, we are still early days in terms of this new learning paradigm and the final 'course' is not readily apparent.

Why the MOOC to CaS Re-brand? The Impossible Re-brand?

Looks like there is a new acronym for the MOOC called the CaS or “Course at Scale.” Note to self, CaS does sound more friendly than MOOC.
The word ‘mooks’ does not have positive connotations, so the change may benefit ‘MOOCs’ in general. 
Joshua Kim offers the acronym in an article posted at and presents some convincing arguments why ‘MOOC ‘ may not be the best way to promote massive courses.

Spring Symester 2014: Lifehacker U online college, classes and schools.

Lifehacker updated a nice list of some of the online college classes offered for Spring semester 2014. This is Lifehacker's second installment of Lifehacker U and let's hope they continue the trend.
Check out the list of online learning resources and the great descriptions of classes and new materials for MOOCs (a term still used for lack of a better one).